Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Our 4' x 4' x 10' Deer shooting house is ready to put in the field and start hunting.


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  • House Frame: 1" x 1" 16 gauge steel tubing.
  • Stand Frame: 2" x 2" 16 gauge steel tubing.
  • Floor: 3/4" plywood flooring.
  • Roof: 29 guage tin.
Our Price
Local Pickup Only!


How to Unload, Load & Setup Houses


Please use these instructions and see the photo below on how you load, unload and setup houses. Unloading - First tie a cable on the top part of ladder and pull up slowly with a truck or tractor. Loading - You load them up the same way and just let it down in trailer very easily. You need to put your foot on the pads while letting it up or down in the trailer. We recommend a 3/8" or 1/4" inch chain for loading and unloading. After placing your shooting house in the desired location, always anchor with the stakes we provide.


Click on photo to enlarge.